Dr. Harris works with her clients to strategically position their business to maximize results.  Assistance is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.  Generic solutions will never be used.  Technical assistance, training, and strategic planning are provided as needed.


Every client receives a customized interview to determine their needs.  This information used to develop a  mutually agreed upon Scope of Service.  The Scope of Service is the basis for determining specific tasks and timetables to reach agreed upon outcomes.


Considerable time is spent in understanding the mission, philosophy and products of each organization to better understand the context of the business. 


Just as each assessment is unique so are the products provided.  Some clients need assistance securing funding, others need facilitation of group problem solving, while others need strategies to navigate political  and neighborhood opposition.  

CLIENTS INCLUDE:  Native American Connections, Inc., City of Phoenix, WESCAP Investments, Sojourner Center and Dominium Development and Acquisition.