Dr. Sheila Harris has been instrumental in assisting Native American Connections over the years in building our capacity to become one of the State’s leading nonprofit affordable housing providers.    She has keen understanding of working with both Native American urban organizations and Tribal communities in the areas of community development and affordable housing.   Dr. Harris demonstrated her commitment to working with Tribal communities when she was Director of the Department of Housing, working with the Governor and her staff to create much needed tribal designated funds for Housing and working to capitalize the CDFI Native Home Capital.

Diana Yazzie Devine, MBA
CEO / President
Native American Connections

It has been my pleasure to have worked with Dr. Harris over the past several years.  As the first director of the Arizona Department of Housing, she was able to accomplish far more than would normally have been expected because of her ability to understand the issues and effectively communicate them while navigating thru the bureaucracy with unusual skill.  She also was intellectually honest when it came to making the best choices for the state.  Also, as the first women on the Fed’s  advisory board, she used her skill set to aid the entire region.  She has earned my respect. 

Elliott Pollack